M65 Innovative Gooseneck Tabletop Microphone System

M65 Innovative Gooseneck Tabletop Microphone SystemThe M65 is an innovative tabletop microphone system designed for applications where aesthetics, sound quality, and ease of installation are crucial. The M65 is an excellent alternative to a standard gooseneck microphone for business, government, house of worship, education, and hospitality applications. The M65 features the Micros™ hypercardioid condenser capsule with brass rigid tube construction, black nickel plating, and a unique swivel mount that provides a much quieter and smoother motion than conventional gooseneck microphones. All electronics are fully integrated preamp circuitry with high sensitivity and low noise. The signal output is balanced to eliminate RF interference caused by cell phones and mobile devices. The rigid tube design ensures uniform placement and gain structure when multiple mics are deployed, such as in legislative applications. When not in use, the M65 can be laid horizontal for an unobstructed view.

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