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Luminex Releases Latest Version Of Araneo Software

Luminex has released its latest Araneo software (release v1 .3.0). In this version, one of the new features is the offline project mode. This allows AVL professionals, designers, installers and integrators to start to prepare projects without having access to physical switches and edge devices.

AVL professionals who use Araneo to monitor AVL networks equipped with GigaCore switches readily accepted previous versions. This monitoring part has now been enhanced, including with revamped graphics and improved zoom-and-pan options. There are also additional workflow enhancements for categorizing devices in zones, as well as for importing and assigning pictures. This allows you to navigate and visualize the topology more efficiently.

Araneo also gets additional functions in the form of an offline planning-and-deploy feature set and a switch-configuration toolset. This allows you to make configuration changes to the GigaCore switches from within Araneo. The offline planning-and-deploy feature set improves your workflow. With it, you can design an entire GigaCore network from your desk, away from the installation. You can also make changes to an existing network when on the road and deploy them later.

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