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LEA Professional’s 802.1X Amplifier Network Security Support

LEA Professional 802.1X

The LEA Professional CONNECTSERIES amplifiers are more secure than ever, as they now support 802.1X. The security feature is an IEEE Standard for Port-Based Network Access Control that provides protected authentication for devices on the network and provides secure network access. Many Fortune 500 companies, university campuses and large multi-region companies rely on 802.1X secured networks to prevent unauthorized devices from gaining access on their networks. A 802.1X network can protect data and equipment from a cyberattack and prevent rogue devices from connecting to the local network and releasing viruses, malware or allowing man-in-the-middle attacks. CONNECTSERIES amplifiers have the ability to deploy EAP-TLS, PEAP, as well as EAP-TTLS 802.1X, on a Local Area Network with a RADIUS Server.

LEA Professional

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