ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight

KLIK Communications’ KLIK Boks HUB

KLIK Communications solves wireless screen-sharing challenges with its KLIK Boks HUB. Designed for education, enterprise and government applications, this device not only allows users to stream from their device to the screen, but it also redistributes that signal back across the network to local viewers, and across the Internet to remote audiences. Supporting 4 simultaneous HD streams, the 4K HUB also packs an HDMI input that can be viewed alongside content from PCs, tablets and smartphones. Optimized for touch displays, HUB includes HID touch-back, even in split-screen mode, supports local session recording, as well as live streaming to public, private or unlisted YouTube channels. Other features include multi-page annotation, screen capture, guest Wi-Fi hotspot and more. Priced at just $599.

KLIK Communications

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