ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight

KLIK Communications’ KB400 Wireless HDMI Sender

KLIK Communications is expanding its line of wireless screen-sharing products with the KB400, a wireless sender that works with all existing KLIK models. Simply plug the KB400 into a PC, a document camera, media player or any other HDMI source, press one button and the image appears on the screen. Push-button simplicity, along with broad compatibility, makes the KB400 an accessory that can be matched with any of the company’s KLIK Stik and KLIK Boks offerings. The KB400 is switchable between Presentation and Video modes, using latency and frame-rate balance to deliver the right performance for a rang of applications. Using a USB interface, the KB400 also provides full HID touch-back support for use with touch-enabled displays. Users can press the button to start streaming, and the touch-display controls the connected PC. The KB400 is now shipping.

KLIK Communications

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