ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight

K-array’s Capture-KMC50 Line-Array Mic

K-array’s Capture-KMC50 is the newest addition to the company’s collection of line-array mics. Featuring 16x6mm electret condenser cardioid capsules in a line-array configuration, the Capture-KMC50 has been designed for voice and instrument amplification, as well as for capturing environmental sound with the precision of a directive microphone. Created for vertical and horizontal use, Capture-KMC50 shows the narrowest response along the axis of its length and features a cardioid behavior in the perpendicular direction. This gives the KMC50 a focus area balanced by a narrow capture extension and strength against feedback issues. The available accessories make the mic suitable for a variety of applications, used either in a standalone configuration or arrayed in a multiple-unit steerable line-array configuration of up to 4 units to create an impressive 2-m continuous mic array. Suggested uses include boardrooms and conferences, choir, orchestras and sports venues.

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