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Hitachi Kokusai’s CU-HD550-S1

Hitachi Kokusai

Hitachi Kokusai has introduced a new model in its CU-HD550 camera control unit (CCU) series. Together, the CU-HD550 and its companion CA-HF550 camera adapter lower the cost of entry for 1080p60 video production. The new CU-HD550-S1 model helps smooth producers’ transition from HD to Ultra-HD by transforming natively acquired 1080p video to 4K resolution and outputting the result over single-link 12G-SDI. The 4K output functionality supports High Dynamic Range when used with an HDR-enabled camera, while the color matrix of the 12Gbps SDI output can be switched between ITU-Rec.709 and BT.2020 color spaces. When used with an HDR-capable Hitachi camera, dual-workflow functionality in the new CU-HD550 model enables parallel HDR/SDR acquisition with a single camera by providing separate video shading adjustments for HDR and SDR outputs. This allows fine-tuning of each output path for optimal results, helping create superior-quality content for distribution to both modern and legacy display platforms.

Hitachi Kokusai

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