DSE 2018 New Product Wrap-Up

Hall Research’s EX-HDU HDMI, USB Extension

Hall Research’s EX-HDU extends HDMI and USB 2.0 to 200' on a single Cat6 cable.

Hall Research’s EX-HDU extends HDMI and USB 2.0 to 200′ on a single Cat6 cable. The wallplate sender connects to a PC’s HDMI and USB ports and requires no power supply. The wallplate offers 2 USB output ports for connection of devices. The receiver provides HDMI video, stereo audio output and 4 USB ports. Control is through RS232, 4 programmable digital I/O ports and IR output. A mini-USB port is provided for configuration upload from a PC. The unit can detect video and automatically send on-and-off commands to the connected display. Commands can also be triggered by I/O contact closure. Receivers with IP connectivity and internal WebGUI are also available. The plug-and-play extender suits interactive whiteboards, touchscreen displays or KVM extension. The EX-HDU is compatible with all PCs, Macs and tablets, and it does not need specific driver installation.

Hall Research

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