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Hall Research’s FHD264

Hall Research’s FHD264

Hall Research’s FHD264 is a family of HDMI-over-LAN encoders and decoders supporting user-definable bitrates to distribute multiple HD video signals on a 1Gig network. All devices support Power over Ethernet (PoE) and do not require power supplies. Senders are available as standalone boxes or single-gang wall plates. Rackmount hardware is available to house multiple senders. The devices provide front-panel LCD for easy configuration of IP and multicast groups. The RS232 port on each device can be accessed by 3rd-party systems to control external devices such as powering projectors. Audio is extracted and available on all devices. Receivers also come with an IR detector that can be used to extend the IR to the source or to switch the receiver video to another sender. Set up a distributed matrix using Hall Research’s DVM (Dynamic Virtual Matrix) PC software or add the CNT-IP-264 controller for webGUI control of the entire system.

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