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Hall Research’s CNT-IP-264

Hall Research’s CNT-IP-264

Hall Research’s CNT-IP-264 is an IoT device that connects to a network that contains Hall Research FHD264 encoders and decoders. It scans the network, detects all senders and receivers, and lists them on an internal WebGUI with their user-defined names. It allows the user to switch the video shown at any receivers to any sender using drop-down menus with user-specified IDs. The CNT-IP-264 can be used as a control system for other network-enabled devices, such as projectors. Two RS232 ports are available for controlling external equipment. An integrated, real-time clock allows scheduling of actions, such as switching video, at certain times or turning projectors on based on time of day. Users can also create their own control webpage with configurable buttons and definable actions for each, such as sending Telnet or RS232 commands to any device. When used with FHD264 products, the controller can send commands through their RS232 ports for maximum flexibility.

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