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G&D Bows High-End Extender Product Line

With the VisionXS Series, G&D has introduced a high-end extender product line. It includes a range of high-performance KVM extenders with resolutions of up to 4K and 10G data-transfer technology for a better user experience. The KVM manufacturer has developed a compact, multi-purpose KVM tool. The main idea was to put as many functions as possible in a small housing. Thus, the new VisionXS saves space, but it delivers better performance and video quality.

The first release of the line is the VisionXS-IP-DP-UHR. It’s a high-end system for DisplayPort UHR. Devices for HDMI and DVI-I will follow later. Initially, the German manufacturer will provide extender modules for KVM-over-IP, followed by solutions for classic KVM systems for direct transmission. VisionXS devices can either be operated in pairs as an extender line or be integrated into matrix installations. Since they are fully compatible with G&D’s IP KVM matrix systems, applications become highly flexible.

Planning KVM installations and expanding them later is easy because users will continue to have 1 hardware for everything. Like any other G&D product, the devices are fully compatible with existing models.

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