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ClearOne Debuts UNITE 200 Pro Camera With 20x Zoom

ClearOne announced the availability of the UNITE 200 Pro. A professional-grade camera, it features a 20x optical zoom lens, plus a 16x digital zoom for extra distance, if needed. It delivers 1080p quality at 60fps with full pan, tilt and extended zoom functions. Thus, the UNITE 200 Pro is suited for use in large spaces where close-up, high-resolution video capture is desired.

The UNITE 200 Pro captures 1080p quality video of all meeting-room participants, and it can focus on a single speaker. Whether a meeting is held on ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Space platform or on other services, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex or GoToMeeting, the camera’s remote-controlled operation combines ease of use with an extensive feature set. Presenters and meeting hosts gain increased control through the camera’s combined 20x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom. This ensures precise focus on the most important visuals. It also enables close-up views in large meeting spaces.

The UNITE 200 Pro provides support for multiple protocols used to integrate with 3rd-party components. This provides flexibility and enhances ease of use. Featuring USB, HDMI and IP connection options, the camera can be used with streaming applications through RTSP, RTMP and Multicast.

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