InfoComm 2020 Connected Spotlight

Fluent Audio’s Group Fitness Audio System

Fluent Audio

Fluent’s Group Fitness Audio System is a wireless fitness communication system that allows fitness leaders to transmit customized music/audio tracks from a small wireless transmitter to your group of participants’ receivers while simultaneously giving instruction and exercise commands to participants. Fitness instructors can create workouts that allow people to get together and motivate each other by working out in a group setting yet be safe by exercising in an open space with plenty of physical distancing. HIIT classes, Zumba classes and other group fitness activities can be held anywhere. Clear audio and ease of use and allows participants to meet in parks, on hiking trails and in other unique locations that will make an exercise program memorable.

Fluent Audio

This post is part of Sound & Communications’ InfoComm 2020 Connected New Product Spotlight.

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