ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight

Exterity’s g4417-pi Pro:Idiom Gateway and g4401 IP-IP Gateway

Exterity has launched 2 new gateways. The new Pro:Idiom Gateway supports content-protected live TV and radio from satellite sources and streams it securely across an IP network. With dual conditional access slots and built-in Pro:Idiom encryption, the g4417-pi meets the most stringent content protection requirements and delivers high value and broadcaster premium channels across an IP network. The launch of the new g4401 IP-IP Gateway means that 2 paired Exterity gateways can send and receive secure and reliable video streams over the internet using the SRT protocol. This enables organizations to deliver live video, such as training sessions, between remote sites, without the need for costly dedicated delivery networks. Additionally, the new gateway supports the input of Transport Streams delivered by IPTV providers, enabling the selection of required channels for redistribution over the LAN.

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This post is part of our ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight.

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