2021 Halftime Spotlight

Exovisual’s ezPoster Flex Series

Exovisual's ezPoster Flex Series

The ezPoster Flex Series are all-in-one LED displays with customizable sizes, available in pixel pitches of 1.667mm, 1.839mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm. The size can be any multiple of 25.2″ x 18.9″. The ezPosters come with built-in media player, WiFi, USB and ethernet connectivity. Photo and video files can be uploaded through the ezPoster software and played back on the embedded Quad-core media player, or users can feed their own media through the HDMI port. The EPFlex series is great for exhibits, lobbies and events. The Flex series is easy to set up; with the pre-assembled unit, building a big screen is akin to playing with Legos. No complex installation or configuration is needed. The ezPoster Flex series can be set up by following the instructions. It is a versatile solution for creating a visual design.


This post is part of Sound & Communications’ 2021 Halftime Spotlight.

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