ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight

EvertzAV’s UXP-TXS AV Transmitter

EvertzAV’s UXP-TXS AV transmitter is a no-nonsense, single-channel HDMI video and audio transmit gateway. The UXP-TXS is a compact and quiet standalone device that can be remotely powered using PoE+ and can be installed in various room locations, including behind monitors, under desks, and in lecterns and floor boxes. The transmitter has 1 HDMI input supporting resolutions up to 4K and uses its built-in TICO-XS/JPEG-XS codec to transport video with incredible quality and ultra-low latency over 1GbE. The UXP-TXS is a managed element of the NUCLEUS platform which is controlled by the NUCLEUS Session Manager—a full-featured centralized management server used for the configuration, control and orchestration of the UXP AV gateways. Any combination of UXP AV gateways can be interconnected using a COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) network switch and then configured and managed by the NUCLEUS Session Manager.

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