Enable Next-Generation PoE Devices with TX6A™ Shielded Field Term Plug

Digital buildings leverage smart systems to gather the data and automate the processes to increase operational efficiencies and improve working environments. The systems that make up these digital buildings converge on the IP network, More…and as a result of this network convergence, can react to a wide variety of activities that impact efficiency, productivity and comfort.

Centralized management oversees the network, and systems such as wired/wireless connectivity, audio/video, lighting, environmental controls, and security can be managed and controlled on premise or remotely via mobile devices.

Designed for quick and easy termination in the field, the simple-to-attach TX6A™ Shielded Field Term Plug is ideal for connecting networked devices such as wireless access points, LED lighting, IP cameras and motion sensors, building access modules and display panels.

The TX6A™ Shielded Field Term Plug provides a direct connect method which provides cost savings, faster installation and increased reliability with its unique, slim design.the

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