2021 Halftime Spotlight

Elation Professional’s KL PAR FC Full-Color LED PAR Light

Elation Professional KL PAR FC

Elation Professional has taken modern technology and paired it with classic design to create the KL Par FC, a new full-color LED PAR light. Ideal for broadcast environments or any production requiring outstanding color quality, the KL PAR FC is a highly effective key, fill, and area wash light source. The luminaire houses an efficient 280W RGBMA LED engine with color temperature adjustments possible from 2,400K – 8,500K. The full-spectrum LED engine emits beautifully diffused saturates and soft-field pastels, including tunable white light. The unit produces a high quality of light with high CRI (92) and TLCI (95) values, meaning that color re-creation is extremely accurate both to the eye and to the camera. Output is up to 11,000 field lumens – equivalent to existing 750W tungsten PAR fixtures. The KL PAR FC includes a green-magenta shift adjustment and a virtual gel library.

Elation Professional

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