2021 Halftime Spotlight

Cleerline SSF’s 24 Strand Rugged Micro Distribution Cable

Cleerline SSF

Managing space effectively is always important, even in harsh or rugged environments. Integrators can maximize their installation’s efficiency while minimizing space requirements with Cleerline SSF 24 Strand Rugged Micro Distribution cables. Each cable maintains the same outer diameter as Cleerline’s existing Rugged Micro (6.1mm) while distributing 24 fibers. These cables utilize one fiber-holding sub-unit, reducing the cable’s overall diameter. Rugged Micro Distribution is Riser rated (OFNR/FT4) with a PVC outer jacket. These cables are ideal for installation in riser spaces and trays or outdoors in conduit. Rugged Micro Distribution’s internal layer of fiberglass yarns helps to deter rodents and adds additional durability to the cable. Cables also feature a fully dielectric construction. Available in 9/125µm single mode.

Cleerline SSF

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