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CEDIA Achieves ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer Designation


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has approved CEDIA as an Accredited Standards Developer (ASD). The designation, which is over 18 months in the making, exemplifies CEDIA’s organizational commitment to take a key role as thought leaders in the development of industry standards.

“Quite simply, this milestone puts us in a higher, more globally recognized echelon when it comes to developing industry standards,” CEDIA Senior Director of Technology & Standards, Walt Zerbe, said. “Carrying the ASD designation demonstrates to stakeholders everywhere that CEDIA is dedicated to creating standards that are not only of the highest caliber, but are also driven by the market and developed openly and through rigorous buy-in. When CEDIA sets standards, you can be assured that all parties—from integrators to manufacturers to end-users and all points in-between—are represented. Being recognized as an ASD by ANSI is a weighty affirmation of quality.”

Meeting the requirements as an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer shows that CEDIA’s processes to develop standards meet requirements involving openness, balance, lack of dominance (relating to voices from stakeholders), due process and consensus. ANSI is an independent, nonprofit organization that states that “accreditation by ANSI as a standards developer represents a public statement of the value placed on an open and equitable consensus development process.” This accreditation tells integrators that the standards, training and initiatives they receive from CEDIA have been developed through peer-reviewed and rigorously vetted methods.

Following the achievement of becoming an ANSI-recognized Accredited Standards Developer, CEDIA’s next step involves taking responsibility for the administration of the joint CEDIA/Consumer Technology Association (CTA) R10 standards group. The body is designed to develop industry best practices and ensure the highest levels of professionalism are met with regard to standards. R10 will remain a joint collaboration between CEDIA and the CTA.

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