CDT100 MkII Audio & Control Transport Via Dante

The CDT100 MkII Dante device is the second generation of the CDT100. Now AES67 compatible, it offers all the same great features and a few more than its predecessor. For the launch of our new RGB control devices, the MkII has been upgraded with an extra output pin on the TS (touch switch) ports for lighting up the blue LED on all Clockaudio new touch sensitive switches. In addition, its PWM drivers let you adjust the brightness of all three LEDs individually by increments of 256 steps, giving you the full range of the color spectrum at your disposal. Furthermore, the two previously unused pins on the RJ45 ports are now enabled for the hook up of two extra contact closures, such as the REED switch on our CRM series microphones and/or ANY dry contact closure of additional control devices.


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