DiGiCo’s DMI-AMM Mixing Card

DiGiCo’s DMI-AMM (Automatic Mic Mixing Card) allows up to 48 channels of automatic mic mixing on any S-Series console and works by automatically managing several live mics in unpredictable dialogue situations.

Williams Sound’s SoundPlus IR T2 Infrared Transmitter

Williams Sound’s SoundPlus IR T2 commercial-grade, medium-area infrared transmitter has a sleek, compact footprint that is suitable for assistive listening and language interpretation in commercial spaces, including conference rooms, assisted-living facilities, small cinema/theaters, classrooms and courtrooms.

DiGiCo’s S-Series Console Software Update

DiGiCo’s free software upgrade for its S-Series consoles brings new features to the S21 and S31, including Rack Receive Only Mode, which prevents the I/O rack’s input socket gain from changing on the surface if it is adjusted locally.

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