ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight

Barix’s RetailPlayer SP400

Barix is launching new extensions to its RetailPlayer multi-site background-music-streaming solution that make installation and management even easier for systems integrators and end-users. A new playout hardware model supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) to minimize wiring requirements, while new software capabilities allow player devices to be turned on or off automatically and tightly integrated into 3rd-party management systems. The RetailPlayer SP400 playout hardware endpoint combines the same optimized buffer management, exceptional audio quality and compact form factor of the earlier RetailPlayer S400 model with new support for PoE. Barix has also revised its RetailPlayer Portal pricing model to offer a no-charge basic account with no subscription cost, enabling customers to manage as many devices as they want for free. The free subscription includes basic stream management, as well as mobile-phone-based remote channel selection and volume-control features, plus the new on/off scheduler.

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This post is part of our ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight.

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