ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight

Barix’s IP Former

Barix’s IP Former is the company’s newest innovation for adding IP networking capabilities to new or existing loudspeaker designs. Replacing the 70/100V transformer traditionally used with analog loudspeakers, the PoE-powered device provides an IP network interface, audio stream decoder and amplifier front end for a 2- to 8-ohm speaker. IP Former decodes PCM, AACplus, MP3, Opus, G.711 and G.722 audio streams delivered via HTTP, RTP or UDP. By using IP Former in place of standard transformers, integrators can continue using their preferred loudspeakers while bringing them into the IP domain. Existing installations can be retrofitted with IP capabilities by simply replacing their transformers. For loudspeaker manufacturers, IP Former provides a fast and reliable path to bringing IP-enhanced products to market while minimizing R&D. Meanwhile, IP Former’s mounting and connection compatibility with standard 70V and 100V transformers enables OEMs to incorporate the Barix module without changing their manufacturing processes.

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