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Milan Announces New Entry-Level Membership For Pro-Audio Manufacturers


Avnu Alliance has announced a Milan Associate Membership Level to give manufacturers of professional audio and video equipment a path to certifying Milan end devices, broadening the Milan ecosystem and bringing end users in the commercial AV market more choice of interoperable end devices.

In early 2020, Avnu Alliance approved a Milan Module Certification Mechanism to allow manufacturers of professional audio video modules to test and certify Milan modules through Avnu Alliance. By using certified Milan modules, manufacturers can quickly and easily develop professional audio devices built on Milan, saving development time and costs. Now, with the new Milan Associate membership, companies can join Avnu Alliance at an entry-level membership in order to certify products that use Milan-certified modules are fully tested, certified and can be marketed with the Milan-certified logo.

“As market interest in Milan has grown, Avnu Alliance has remained committed to expanding the Milan-certified ecosystem of devices,” Greg Schlechter, Avnu Alliance President, said. “Avnu created a mechanism to support Milan module development and certification, which will in turn make it easier for pro audio manufacturers to add Milan to their product lines. Now, as further investment in this goal, Avnu is proud to open this entry-level membership that will lower the threshold for companies of all sizes to certify and market Milan devices. This is one more important step in supporting this growing, open ecosystem. Avnu Alliance’s Certification Task Group is also working diligently to create low-cost test tools and test plans that will streamline the path to certification and market for Milan devices. Certified modules, which will be available on the market soon, more membership options, and additional methods for testing have been common requests of the growing base of companies and people interested in Milan.  We look forward to seeing the additional innovative products added to the ecosystem that this enables.”

To watch an interview with Avnu Alliance Members about the new Milan Associate Membership Level, click here.

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