ATEM Mini Pro ISO Live Production Switcher

ATEM Mini Pro ISO is a new low cost live production switcher with a new five stream recording engine that allows all video inputs to be recorded, so users get a clean feed of all inputs and can use edit software multi-cam features to edit a live production after the event. ATEM Mini Pro also includes recording to USB disks in H.264 format, a built in hardware streaming engine for YouTube Live, Facebook, Twitch and more, plus multiview to see all cameras on a single monitor. ATEM Mini Pro ISO records all audio files, media pool graphics and a DaVinci Resolve project file for fast edit turnaround, and also features four standards converted HDMI inputs, USB webcam out, audio mixer with EQ and dynamics, 2D DVE, transitions, green screen chroma key, and 20 stills for titles.


Blackmagic Design

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