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Appeal Court Reaffirms P1 Is Norxe Technology; Acquits Company And All Employees

In a recent verdict from Borgarting Appeal Court dated February 11, 2021, the Appeal Court reaffirmed that Norxe P1 is 100-percent Norxe technology in collaboration with strategic partners. The Appeal Court categorically acquitted Norxe and its employees of all claims made by Barco. This ruling followed a judgment dated June 17, 2019, during which Fredrikstad District Court wholly acquitted Norxe and its employees from all essential allegations following a lawsuit by Barco NV and Barco Fredrikstad AS against Norxe AS and 10 of its employees.

“It has been clarified and acknowledged by the plaintiffs that P1 does not build on Barco technology,” the Appeal Court said. “P1 is developed within a normal time period from scratch, but with assistance from major suppliers like Philips and Texas Instruments.”

The Appeal Court also ruled that Barco is liable for any economic loss to Norxe due to the lawsuit. The level of financial loss will be subject to negotiations or new legal proceedings.

“We will now focus 100% on developing, manufacturing and selling our unique projectors to select and demanding partners world-wide,” Norxe CEO, Kjell Einar Olsen, said of the three-year litigation process. “We owe our partners a great appreciation for standing alongside and supporting us through these difficult times and the increased strength in relationships that this support has forged. Our team has been brilliantly resilient through this whole ordeal and we can now focus all of our energy back into positive growth, customer delivery and support.”

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