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Video Interview: Alesia Hendley Chats About Podcasts, InfoComm & AV-over-IP

Alesia Hendley

Alesia Hendley, multimedia journalist and prominent member of the #avtweeps​ community, recently chatted with Dan Ferrisi, Editor of Sound & Communications, about the latest projects she’s tackling and a whole lot more. The 12-minute video interview below features many of the highlights.

‘Crash Pad’ Podcast

Hendley has been creating podcast content for other publishers on a contract basis for several years now, but she recently introduced a podcast that’s entirely her own. Called “Crash Pad,” it creates a space for her to converse with commercial AV professionals, creatives and others who believe in the idea of using technology to create incredible experiences. Check out her podcast here.

InfoComm In October

Ferrisi and Hendley also talked about the first in-person event they both plan to attend this year: the upcoming InfoComm 2021 show in Orlando FL this October. Members of the commercial AV family have partaken in dozens (if not hundreds!) of virtual events over the last 12 months, but both Hendley and Ferrisi agree that we’re near ready for in-person gatherings. They talk about the networking, strategizing, synergies and fun that can only happen when the AV fam gets together face to face. And to learn more about AVIXA’s efforts to protect health and safety, check out this video.


They close the conversation talking about AV-over-IP and, more broadly, how the AV and IT worlds have now fully merged. If an AV-integration firm is going to remain successful, its team members must be fluent in the language of IT. In addition, they must be up to date on things like network security and emerging standards. Likewise, end-user technology managers, who are seeing ever more AV devices running on their networks, must be comfortable working with AV professionals. Ferrisi and Hendley discuss the need for partnership.

A conversation between friends and industry colleagues, this video interview is worth checking out.

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