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AIMS’ David Chiappini Talks IPMX, AIMS TechFest 2021

AIMS' David Chiappini talks about AIMS TechFest 2021

One of the biggest trending topics in the world of commercial AV is open standards and how they can enhance the experiences of those in our industry. One of the principal drivers of the open-standards movement is the AIMS Alliance, which, according to its site, is “a non-profit trade alliance that fosters the adoption of one set of common, ubiquitous, standards-based protocols for interoperability over IP in the media and entertainment, and professional audio/video industries.” Sound & Communications’ Editor, Dan Ferrisi, wanted to know more about the latest developments with the IPMX protocol, which AIMS champions. He also wanted to get all the details about AIMS TechFest 2021, which is taking place March 9 and 10. So, Dan spoke to AIMS’ Pro AV Working Group Chair, David Chiappini, earlier this week to bring all of us up to speed.

The IPMX Protocol

During the conversation, Chiappini defines the IPMX protocol’s origins, as well as the customizations it boasts to make it more commercial AV-centric to serve our industry’s AV-over-IP needs. He also shares news about accelerating adoption, making the case that momentum and enthusiasm are building. In addition, Chiappini presents what he believes is the single strongest argument for open standards in our industry—that it helps technologies propel themselves forward—and he explains why.

During the latter part of the conversation, Ferrisi and Chiappini discuss AIMS TechFest 2021, which is free to attend. On March 9, AIMS’ Pro AV Working Group will do a deep dive into IPMX, and there’ll be several educational presentations for attendees to enjoy. Then, AIMS’ Pro Audio Working Group will take center stage on March 10 for a remote production day. There will be opportunities to ask questions, as well.

With open standards continuing to be in ascendance in the commercial AV industry, it’s essential that we all up our knowledge about them. Checking out AIMS TechFest 2021 is a great start. Go to

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