enCaption4 Real-Time Captioning and Transcription Appliance Solution


enCaption4 is an automated real-time captioning and transcription appliance that provides a cost-effective solution to expensive live human caption and transcription services. enCaption4’s advanced speech-to-text engine leverages breakthroughs in machine learning technology to develop a deep neural network approach to voice recognition. More…enCaption is a proven solution to meet the needs of television broadcasters, government institutions, corporate environments, higher education and anywhere live or offline captioning or transcription is needed . With regulatory requirements a reality and enforcement increasing, ENCO’s enCaption system can economically meet your needs 24 hours a day. Whether you need instant captioning for live events or need to transcribe hours of meeting/lecture recordings for quick searching, enCaption can handle it all and save you money in the process. With enCaption, you’re ready now. Available in multiple languages. Find out more at

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