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Williams AV Partners With Ampetronic Ltd. For UK Assistive-Listening Market

Williams AV, Ampetronic

Williams AV announced a partnership with Ampetronic Ltd. to become the exclusive distributor of its assistive-listening and conferencing products in the UK marketplace. Effective May 1, resellers in the UK can source Williams AV products through local inventory and utilize the expertise of Ampetronic sales, design and service teams. In addition, Williams AV and Ampetronic are working to establish local logistics to service the Williams AV distribution channel throughout Europe. The company anticipates having these logistics operational by July 1.

“Ampetronic is the pioneer in hearing loop technology and the world leader in design and manufacturing of these systems,” Williams AV CEO, Rob Sheeley, said. “We have always sought a way to better support our international customers. By partnering with Ampetronic, our organizations have the ability to greatly expand the market for assistive-listening and conferencing technologies, while providing the top level of service and support for our channels. This strategic partnership also provides collaboration opportunities between our R&D teams to accelerate future product development.”

“Williams AV has a strong brand and reputation in the USA, and they are passionate advocates for hearing loops and direct-to-hearing aid solutions for assistive listening,” Julian Pieters, Managing Director of Ampetronic, added. “As well as a skilled and knowledgeable hearing loop sales and support team in the USA, Williams is continuing to invest in hearing systems; having just released new IR systems and new IR + Wi-Fi hybrid products, their roadmap is a close fit with our market in the UK and Europe. We are delighted to be working with Williams and look forward to collaborating with them on the exciting opportunities our partnership is sure to present, including new product lines outside of assistive listening such as Bluetooth Audio conferencing, Translation and Presentations systems.”

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