VSKB30 IP And Serial Camera Controller

Lumens has a new IP and Serial camera controller, VSKB30, that is ergonomic and makes quick adjustments.  The VSKB30 camera controller offers both Serial and VISCA over IP control as well as a few others. One camera controller solves the management of multiple control protocols.

In addition, there is a solid base providing stability while the operator handles the joy stick around. It even has a magnetic rubber wedge to position the camera controller up at an angle for better off axis viewing.

Most importantly this camera controller solves the menu issue by putting most common everyday features right on the controller.  Dedicated buttons are clearly labeled with micro LED reference points so the operator knows exactly how each feature is set. Also, a four-axis control stick gives the operator Pan-Tilt-Zoom operations with a single hand leaving the other hand free to use for additional broadcasting equipment. Learn more by visiting or check out the VSKB30 video on Lumens YouTube channel,

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