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Visix’s Voice-Activated Wayfinding For Digital Signage

Visix premiered its new voice-activated wayfinding at InfoComm. The new offering expands the company’s digital signage design services to include voice-user interface (VUI) options. Its primary advantage is to provide audiences with a hands-free way to interact with screens, which can lead to more interest and engagement with digital signage communications. The VUI uses speech recognition to understand spoken commands and questions, and visibly return maps and directories upon request. The design also includes traditional touchscreen wayfinding options and ADA controls. Visix is using VUI to further improve the user experience by offering multi-modal interactions with screens showing any type of content. User-led interactions can increase engagement and eliminate steps in searching information, making the process more convenient and efficient for users. VUI can also help meet ADA guidelines by providing interaction options for the visually impaired while reducing the transmission of germs on touchscreens.


This post is part of Sound & Communications’ InfoComm 2019 New Product Wrap-Up.

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