large videowalls in an interactive display

Bringing Spectacular Displays To Life

As displays get bigger, so do the ideas for installations. We should dream big, but at the same, plan carefully, create iteratively, and budget realistically.
display technology

AVent Horizon: Photons (And Acronyms) Never Sleep

Advancements in display technology never sleep. We offer an in-depth look at the latest displays and the technologies behind them.
Industry Pioneers, Video

Industry Pioneers #19: John Logie Baird, Television And Imaging Innovator

Baird's achievements in mechanical television and radio imaging set the stage for later advancements in TV and radar technology.
Audio, Industry Pioneers, Video

Industry Pioneers #15: E. Norman Rauland, American Industrialist

Rauland's journey from immigrant to icon of American industry, plus his innovations in radio and television manufacturing.
S&C august 2021 digital edition
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