ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight

tvONE’s CORIOmaster2

tvONE debuts CORIOmaster2, an all-in-1, multi-window video processor. CORIOmaster2 supports more windows with higher quality than ever before with uncompromised 4K60 and 8K-ready performance. Standout features of CORIOmaster2 include its exceptionally high bandwidth, huge design canvas and 8K-ready architecture. With 752Gb/sec of bandwidth, CORIOmaster2 can simultaneously display 40 windows in 4K60 with ultra-low latency. It offers AV designers access to triple 64k x 64k canvasses, with up to 12.3 Gigapixels of design space.

Booth #1-M110

This post is part of our ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight.

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