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Testa Communications Appoints David Danto As Editor Of IT/AV Report

Testa Communications, publisher of Sound & Communications and the twice-yearly IT/AV Report, has announced the appointment of David Danto as the new Editor of IT/AV Report, effective with the Spring 2019 issue. Danto is currently the Director of Emerging Technology for the Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance (IMCCA) and a Principal Consultant at Dimension Data.

David succeeds Shonan Noronha, EdD, who has helmed IT/AV Report since mid-2010 and who, now, seeks to pursue other personal and professional ambitions. Testa Communications thanks Shonan for her outstanding contributions as Editor over the past eight years.

According to Vinny Testa, Publisher of Sound & Communications and IT/AV Report, Sound & Communications created IT/AV Report in 2003 to address the needs of both the IT and commercial AV trades, with an eye to helping them work together better. IT/AV Report provides perspective from each trade’s point of view, sharing their concerns and offering new insights. With David Danto’s editorial leadership, IT/AV Report will continue to provide dedicated coverage for both trades as they continue to evolve into tighter alignment.”

Dan Ferrisi, Editor of Sound & Communications and Editorial Director of IT/AV Report, added, “We could not have found a better individual than David Danto. David is a prolific writer, having contributed to a number of industry publications—including countless appearances in IT/AV Report. He’s been involved in designing, implementing, managing and supporting AV, collaboration and multimedia systems for A-list organizations around the world. All of that is in addition to his longstanding affiliation with IMCCA, his thought leadership as an industry consultant and analyst, and his having been recognized as an Emerging Technology Fellow by AVIXA. We are very fortunate to have someone of David’s caliber leading the IT/AV Report editorial team.”

“For the past decade with the IMCCA, I’ve consistently looked for ways to help educate and inform users about the AV and Collaboration spaces,” Danto said. “We’ve shown that manufacturer/provider-agnostic education for the good of the industry is not only possible, but in high demand and widely appreciated. Adding these responsibilities will allow me to continue that goal, and I could not be more pleased and honored with the opportunity.”

The Spring 2019 edition of IT/AV Report will mail with Sound & Communications’ May 2019 issue. Since the beginning, IT/AV Report has had bonus distribution at IT-related and commercial-AV-related training seminars and events.

About Testa Communications

Testa Communications is the publisher of industry-leading, technology-focused trade magazines, enewsletters and digital media, and it’s the producer of trendsetting video programming for trade shows and internet-based audiences. Testa also produces DJ Expo, an annual trade event for the professional DJ.


The Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance (IMCCA) is a not-for-profit user application and industry-focused association with membership composed of service and product providers, consultants and users. Members benefit from the understanding and the use of various interactive and collaborative communications technologies in their professional and everyday lives.

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