Take the visual identity of your business to next level!

Create endless impressions when you Join NEC at the Digital Signage Expo 2018, Las Vegas!  DSE is the world’s largest and longest running conference and trade show exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital display and interactive technology solutions. Experience interactive and collaborative display environments and watch as we unveil new and impressive large format displays, dvLED’s, 4K laser projection solutions and more. Whether you’re connecting with audiences in line, impressing them with in store signage, or entertaining them while waiting, see first-hand how NEC’s visual solutions help create the user experience you need. NEC is an industry leader in digital signage, providing expertise in creating customized display solutions and has the ability to fulfill any digital signage need. Set new standards for engagement and create endless impressions for everyone who interacts with them. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s game changing event!

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