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Software provider has added its 1,000th manufacturer to the library of its design and documentation software, Stardraw Design 7.

The Symbols Library, which now contains a total of more than 110,000 symbols of some 40,000 products, has been an integral part of Stardraw’s design software since 1992. Each symbol is drawn in house by’s professional drafting team. All symbols are vector-based line art and, thus, resolution-independent. The addition of new products to the library is prioritized based on user requests submitted through Stardraw’s online Product Request Service; this feature ensures that only products relevant to the user base feature in the library.

“Since we have an installed user base operating in different industry segments across nearly 90 countries worldwide, it’s impossible for us to guess what particular products might be important for any particular integrator,” CEO Rob Robinson explained. “Requirements vary hugely from market to market and country to country, so rather than randomly scraping catalogue data for products that may or may not be useful to our users, we encourage our users to drive the process themselves via Product Requests to keep the libraries relevant to their needs. All we require is the manufacturer name and product model number and we’ll do the rest. To ensure that the system remains democratic, we recently implemented a Fair Use policy by means of a Product Request Allowance based on the level of your subscription to ensure that product requests are properly and fairly prioritized. This speeds up the process for everyone and enables requested products to be published even faster.”

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