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Sound & Communications Launches Annual Worship Survey

Stained Glass, Worship Center AV Survey

The Worship Center AV Survey report explores the pandemic-affected worship landscape.

Have you checked out Sound & Communicationslatest edition of the Worship Center AV Survey report? We publish the report every March to ensure that members of the commercial AV industry understand what worship leaders want from their AV systems. To read the 24th annual edition, click here.

This year’s Worship Center AV Survey report captures a singular moment in the history of American worship. In light of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the last 12 months have represented a time when many people needed worship services more than ever. Simultaneously, AV technologies have advanced to previously unfathomable levels. Our industry has helped worship leaders to bring a message of hope and resilience right into people’s homes. That swirling confluence of factors has yielded some interesting patterns, which this year’s data analysis explores.


You’ll want to read the entire report to understand everything that the data revealed, but Question #18, by itself, is noteworthy. That question, which benefits from several years of data, asks respondents whether they rebroadcast services or archive them for on-demand viewing. Back in 2018, 65 percent answered, “No, we do not rebroadcast.” This time, that plummeted all the way to 15 percent. (The number has steadily fallen, actually, but the year-to-year drop was especially precipitous.)

Meanwhile, those who answered, “Yes, via streaming (either live or delayed)” soared from 31 percent in 2018 to 76 percent in the latest report. Another seven percent said they not only stream but also utilize local cable for rebroadcasting. Adding up percentages, churches involved in streaming of some sort rose from 58 percent last year to 83 percent in our pandemic-afflicted world.

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If that data whets your appetite, click here for the full survey report. Its pages explore who makes budgetary decisions at churches, which system attributes are most important, how worship leaders choose their integrator partners and what technologies those leaders plan to invest in.

The complimentary Worship Center AV Survey report publishes each year, and it is both ad-free and sponsor-free.

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