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Sonance Announces New Branding At CEDIA

Sonance announced that it will unveil a fresh new brand identity at CEDIA Expo in Denver CO this September. This move was inspired by the company’s desire to streamline the number of brands it promotes, simplify the customer experience and clarify its values as a unified company.

While Sonance is known primarily for its speakers, the same team also created IPORT, a brand that turns tablets into home controllers or business efficiency tools with a range of products that hold, charge and protect these devices. Additionally, in 2009, the Sonance team created TRUFIG, a flush mounting process that seamlessly integrates technology into architecture.  After a number of years with each of these brands operating under the banner name of Dana Innovations, the Sonance brand will now resume its position in the role of “parent” and officially become the face of the entire company moving forward.

“The guiding principles of the Sonance brand are what ties everything we do together, and they apply not only to Sonance, but to IPORT and TRUFIG as well,” Ari Supran, Sonance CEO, explained. “Sonance believes in designing products to disappear into architecture, forging authentic partnerships with our customers, and continuing a long heritage of innovation. We have always been Sonance, it’s just that, today, we do so much more than speakers, and it’s time for us to evolve the Sonance brand beyond sound, to best encapsulate everything we do.”

In fact, this realization led to a new tagline for Sonance: “Beyond Sound.” This tagline will accompany the visual brand refresh. Still owned and operated by the original founders, the team plans to re-introduce itself at CEDIA this fall.

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