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SIGNET Electronic Systems Acquires SideBand Systems

SIGNET Electronic Systems, Inc. (SIGNET) has acquired SideBand Systems, a 27-year-old technology systems integrator specializing in wireless systems for high-capacity, licensed and unlicensed microwave systems, in-building wireless LAN engineering studies and in-building wireless communications support.

SideBand Systems’ technical staff possess decades of experience designing systems, including Cisco routers and switches, channel banks and cross connect systems, T1 loop systems and high-end microwave radio systems. The SideBand Systems office will remain in Peabody MA, and all existing SideBand Systems technical support staff will operate out of this office.

“I’m pleased to have new resources and capabilities to continue driving value for our clients,” Brad Caron, President and Owner of SIGNET, said of the acquisition. “I look forward to expanding our technology footprint and welcoming SideBand Systems’ staff to our team of talented individuals.”

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