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Shure Introduces IntelliMix Denoiser

Shure has formally announced IntelliMix Room DSP software version 3.1, equipped with the company’s Denoiser feature. The Denoiser is a machine-learned program trained to separate speech from noises. AI training occurs only in Shure labs, and improvements to the algorithm are delivered through software updates.

Although noise-reduction algorithms can reduce the impact of light and consistent background noise like air-conditioning, the IntelliMix Room Denoiser protects users’ meetings from random audio distractions that are typically challenging to avoid. Shure’s noise-reduction algorithm and AI Denoiser, when paired, make disruption-free meetings with IntelliMix Room easier to achieve.

The AI Denoiser’s intensity can be set to low, medium or high, so users can tailor how aggressively they want it to subdue noises in their own space. The IntelliMix Room Denoiser works on many types of disruptive noises, including all the following: typing and keyboard noise, pen clicking and pencil tapping, shuffling papers, slamming doors and crinkling food packaging.

The Shure AI Denoiser for IntelliMix Room is included in the latest IntelliMix Room DSP software version 3.1, which was released to the public as a free software update today.

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