InfoComm 2019 New Product Spotlight

RealMotion’s Gold Series

Designed for interactive and generative FX installations, RealMotion’s Gold Series Servers utilize the latest video hardware and the RealMotion content creation platform to deliver up to 4 4K content streams. The 5 new servers are designed to serve as the “bonding agent” for permanent installations, binding content to sensors to tech infrastructure within a digital content experience. Built for longevity, reliability and versatility, Gold Series servers can manage unlimited layers of different media types, including video, images and web content, and they can generate real-time content. The Gold Series includes the Nugget, 4Karat, 8Karat, 16Karat and 16Karat Performance models, each designed for different real-time needs and complexities. Each server comes with a secure warranty agreement, video playback capabilities and RealMotion’s proprietary Designer software built into it. The 4Karat, 8Karat, 16Karat and 16Karat Performance models come with flexible input options, Dante Audio support and are available with a Notch playback license.

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