PSNI Global Alliance Highlights Service And Support At Virtual Supersummit

PSNI Global Alliance holds Supersummit

PSNI Global Alliance recently completed its first fully virtual Supersummit by bringing its worldwide network together in an online experience of panel discussions, keynote speakers, product focus and networking.

Hosted by Tim Albright, the Supersummit provided an interactive virtual  experience where manufacturers had online booths for direct interaction. It also featured dedicated “break out” talk sessions from industry experts. Using the latest Convey Video technology from PSNI partner Williams AV, the sessions could be translated in real time for PSNI’s Latin America and Iberia partners.

A primary topic throughout the event was AV services and how the industry will evolve in a post-pandemic world.

PSNI’s recently appointed global services committee chairman, Diego Perez, joined a panel of PSNI Certified Solution Providers from BIS, HB Communications, Supravision and Seal Telecom to discuss how the Alliance will best utilize their combined strengths to provide offerings to businesses and organizations.

During the Super Summit panel discussion, PSNI members representing North America, Europe and Latin America joined Diego to provide insight to how levels of service and support will be even further increased as the world’s workforce becomes more flexible with a work/home hybrid model.

“Service is more than just that”, explained Diego. “It’s important that we understand each and every business—their pains as well as their successes—and to support wherever we can. I believe that the future will see more value-add services throughout the industry and, here at PSNI, we are prepared for exactly that.”

Along with the informative services panel discussion, the Super Summit included talk sessions with experts in their respective fields, including Dan Heath, global business advisor; David Horsager, CEO Trust Edge Leadership Institute; John Brandt, CEO The MPI Group; Julian Treasure, founder of the Sound Agency; and leading economist Andrew Busch.

Hailey Klein, Marketing Director at PSNI, explained the challenges created by bringing their annual Super Summit to an online event. “We had in excess of 400 PSNI partners from all across the globe register for our event this year,” she said. “Usually, we meet in a venue to discuss all the topics that define PSNI—services, standards, strength through unity, as well as industry trends and future opportunity.”

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