Point. Click. Done. Winsted Offers The Most Advanced Console Design Software

WELS is a console design software tool that makes control room design and layout fast, easy, accurate, and fun!

This interactive, Winsted-exclusive, user-friendly, 3D control room design software program lets you use Winsted consoles and furniture to quickly design control room solutions that meet your needs. WELS is easy to use – and requires no additional design/CAD software to operate.

WELS Features:

  • WELS is a FREE 3D control room design tool. With it you can design your control room with any product.
  • On-screen toolbars and windows allow quick selection of products and accessories.
  • Built-in control room designer lets you create a room to match your exact floor plan.
  • Generate part lists and design specification sheets.
  • Place multiple Winsted security consoles and command centers anywhere in the room.
  • Change the color of the work surface and side panels to show how the console will look in your room.
  • Smart design programming helps you place parts where they belong.
  • Accessorize designs with monitors, LCDs, DVD players, keyboards, blank panels, doors and more.
  • WELS is a true 3D design program. You can view your designs from any vertical or horizontal angle.
  • Export your design to DWG or DXF to import into your CAD program or export to JPEG format to use in presentations and design discussions.
  • WELS is a stand-alone program requiring no additional software.

Winsted is the worldwide leader in command-and-control room consoles, desks, and furniture for 24/7 mission-critical applications. Since 1963, we have been engineering product designs that consider both the application and the user. We offer the industry’s most flexible range of ergonomic sit/stand continuous use of technical desks and furniture to reduce fatigue and promote productivity while meeting ISO and OSHA ergonomic guidelines.

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