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Pliant Technologies Releases 4-Wire Adapter For MicroCom XR

Pliant Technologies has announced the PAC-MC4W-IO, a 4-wire I/O interface and 2-way radio headset adapter. This solution enhances the flexibility of the MicroCom XR wireless intercom system. It adds additional users by connecting a MicroCom XR system to a variety of wired and wireless intercom systems that use an industry-standard 4-wire connection. Thus, it was designed with wireless intercom customers’ workflows in mind. It also offers a direct intercom interface to many 2-way radio devices.

Pliant’s headset adapter seamlessly expands wireless systems. Combining MicroCom XR and the 4-wire adapter, users can be added to existing intercom systems using 4-wire connections. Additionally, by using 1 of the optional radio adapter cables, users can connect to a 2-way radio system. Thus, they can talk and listen through many popular 2-way radio models. With this new interfacing capability, the MicroCom XR can key the connected 2-way radio directly from any beltpack on the system or via the adapter’s push-to-talk button, all while using any standard MicroCom-compatible headset. This allows fully integrated audio communication.

The interface device features a rechargeable battery with a 35-hour life.

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