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Planet Waves’ 4K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables

Planet Waves 4K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables provide the best of HDMI technology alongside Cleerline SSF Optical Fiber. Planet Waves HDMI AOC are fully 4K Ultra and 18Gbps compatible for Ultra-High-Definition signal transfer. Each Planet Waves HDMI AOC cable incorporates 4 strands of Cleerline SSF Optical Fiber. Unlike fibers in other AOC cables, which are often plastic or traditional fiber, SSF optical fibers utilize a glass, glass, polymer construction.  The patented SSF polymer coating provides increased strength and flexibility to each cable.  In Planet Waves HDMI AOC, SSF technology allows the cables to have a minuscule operational bend radius of 7.5mm due to the increased durability of the optical fibers. Planet Waves HDMI AOC cables are available in lengths from 5m to 30m (16.4′ to 98.43′) with a riser outer jacket.  For more information, visit

Planet Waves
c/o Cleerline Technology Group

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