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Phoenix Audio Technologies Launches Subsidiary Stem Audio

Phoenix Audio Technologies has launched a new subsidiary, Stem Audio, which will offer conferencing solutions designed to simplify meeting communications and address common issues that IT professionals and AV integrators face.

“Stem is the result of us going out into the real world and asking end users, IT professionals, designers, consultants and architects what their pains are,” Jonathan Boaz, VP of Sales, said. “After hundreds of conversations and thousands of questions answered, Stem identified six pains common to almost every individual we met with. Everyone feels that designing rooms is still a massive challenge and installations are way too complicated. We also found that objectively testing audio performance after an installation is nonexistent, and one-size-fits-all solutions are rarely what they claim to be. Plus, IT professionals are in desperate need of a remote management system and a way to avoid the learning curves associated with new technology adoption.”

To learn more about Stem Audio, watch the company’s introductory video here.

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