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Nureva Releases Voice Amplification Mode For HDL300 & Dual HDL300

Nureva announces the full release of Voice Amplification Mode for its HDL300 and Dual HDL300 audio conferencing systems. The feature has been in public beta since June.

Voice Amplification Mode solves the problem of supporting in-room amplification of the instructor or presenter’s voice while simultaneously providing full-room microphone pickup of in-room voices so that everyone can be heard by remote participants. Positive customer feedback during the beta period highlights the immediate value of having a multifunction audio solution that reliably covers both the in-class and remote scenarios—especially with a growing need for flexible, futureproofed systems that can adapt to support hybrid learning models.

Teachers at Gilbert Public School in Arizona commented that Voice Amplification Mode works well, and they are excited that their voices can now be heard clearly both in the classroom and by remote students. This unique capability is made possible by Nureva’s Microphone Mist technology, which fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones.

Voice Amplification Mode is now fully available to all HDL300 and Dual HDL300 customers through Nureva Console by updating their firmware and selecting enable voice amplification in Nureva Console cloud. Once enabled, instructors or presenters use their wireless headset microphone to amplify their voice through the HDL300 speakers so that in-room students or meeting participants can clearly hear. At the same time, their voice is picked up for remote participants via their UC&C client, like Microsoft Teams, for which the HDL300 system is certified.

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