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NSCA’s Electronic Systems Outlook Report Predicts 1-Percent Growth This Year


NSCA’s Electronic Systems Outlook report has been updated for Summer 2019 and includes construction outlook information based on actual data from Q1 and Q2 of this year, as well as a forecasted outlook for the future.

This report was initially created as a response to integrators asking about market conditions and trends so they could adjust go-to-market strategies. NSCA has followed and reported on industry conditions for more than 22 years, knowing that new construction is the best indicator of the future business climate for integrators. Understanding construction put-in-place totals allows NSCA to predict patterns of slowdowns, recoveries and market changes.

Overall, the forecast for 2019 construction put in place calls for a 1-percent increase this year, in comparison to the 4-percent growth rate of last year. In the Summer 2019 edition, the Electronic Systems Outlook report provides an updated view of construction data by market and electronic system/technology, offering details on: markets projected to do the best in terms of renovation and new construction; construction forecasts for 2019 and beyond; technologies growing in demand and where growth is occurring; developing a focused sales approach; and new business opportunity potential.

“Construction numbers look especially solid in corporate and government sectors as compared to 2018,” NSCA Executive Director, Chuck Wilson, said. “As always, the challenge for integrators will be finding qualified staff members so they can take on new work in growing markets. NSCA continues to support the Ignite program to attract new talent to the industry and help integrators fill the pipeline with qualified — and interested — employees.”

The NSCA Electronic Systems Outlook is free for NSCA members to download. For more information about the report, or to join NSCA, visit

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